A7 size travelers style notebook cover made from retired vinyl billboards, signs and banners.
A7 Random Custom Keeper Travelers Style Refillable Reversible Notebook Cover
A billboard featuring the HBO series The Defiant Ones with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine.
A vinyl billboard for Peter Marco in Beverly Hills featuring a woman with diamond rings on every finger.
An American Apparel billboard with a girl in a white swimsuit standing against a wire grid background.

A7 Random Custom Keeper Travelers Style Refillable Reversible Notebook Cover

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Although Custom Keepers are made in the popular style of traveler's notebooks, there are some notable differences. The Custom Keeper is made from a "retired" vinyl billboard...yes the kind you see on the highway! The billboard vinyl has been cleaned and fused so that your journal cover is sturdy yet flexible and it is also reversible. The vinyl is heat resistant, weather resistant and tear resistant, however you can cut it and even sew through it.

This listing is for 1 journal cover only, no pages or inserts. The cover measures 4" wide x 5" tall and features an elastic closure attached to the spine. The 4 interior elastics will hold A7 size mini journals or 4" x 6" sheets folded in half. This little guy is just the right size for your purse or pocket!

Your journal cover will arrive with all the elastics in place. Your closure elastic is tied off and ready to be used or can easily be removed by grabbing the knot and pulling it through the hole. The interior elastics are in place but they have not been tied off. This is so you can remove them to decorate your cover if you wish. Your order includes instructions and a diagram for how to restring and tie off your elastics when you're ready to fill your Custom Keeper.

Each Custom Keeper is different depending on the available billboards. Although you cannot choose exactly which cover you will receive, sometimes there will be color, pattern or style options available and I will do my best to fulfill those requests. The elastics in your Custom Keeper will always be white.

The Custom Keeper can be used as a finished journal or as a way to store loose leaf pages for use in other projects. It has form AND function all rolled into one! It can be a traveler's notebook, a Flowish journal, a bullet journal, a junk journal, a trash journal, a fauxbonichi, an art journal, a planner, and more!

Every care has been taken to make sure your Custom Keeper is clean and free from major flaws, but minor flaws are part of the charm of using upcycled and repurposed materials. Custom Keepers are not manufactured by a machine. Each one is hand made so there may be up to 1/8" variance in measurements. This will not affect the capacity, look or function of your Custom Keeper.