Billboard Vinyl Tool Holder Inserts

Custom Keepers hold more than just papers and notebooks. Now you can use them to store, organize and carry your pens, pencils, brushes, tools and more with an Adjustable Tool Holder Insert! Use one to keep an assortment of pens with your planner or sketchbook. Fill another with your favorite colored pencils and keep it with a coloring book. Use another for water brushes to do some plein air painting. Use one for markers, one for crochet hooks, one for your most frequently used tools, organize your beading and jewelry making tools, keep your clay tools handy and tidy, etc.

The best thing about the Adjustable Tool Holder Insert is the 'adjustable' part. You can put your skinniest paint brush next to a big fat marker and both will stay firmly in place thanks to the adjustable elastics. Just fill the loops with any implements you choose, pull the elastics tight, then secure them with the included spring loaded toggles.

You don't have to worry about making sure your brushes and tools are completely clean because unlike fabric tool holders this one is made from two pieces of a retired vinyl billboard fused together for extra strength. It is heat resistant, water resistant, tear resistant and can be cleaned with any standard household cleaners.

Each Adjustable Tool Holder Insert is different depending on the available billboards. Most of them will be solid colors or random patterns, nothing exciting or interesting. I'm saving all the best parts of the billboard for the Custom Keepers themselves and using the "meh" pieces for the inserts. The elastics will always be white.
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